About us

The fastest way to travel is by candlelight

First Edition Candle Co is solely run by Claire and Phil Burton from their work shop in Devon. First Edition Candle Company started as a hobby many years ago. We have a deep appreciation for the aesthetics of the Occult, Witchcraft, Black Metal and a manner of all things considered dark.

We are unique people who really get a lot of joy from having one of a kind pieces and hand made items. Our home is filled with antiques and items that remind us of a memory or tell a story. We have always sought unique, yet affordable items for our home and we found that price didn't always mean quality.

As young newly weds, we struggled to find decor that was affordable and belonged in our lives. This meant at the start of our journey, we'd go and buy cheap candles and turn them into something beautiful for our home.

Eventually, we became unsatisfied with decorating mass produced candles - why buy candles of dubious quality when we could make our own? Candle making seemed like it could be an enjoyable hobby and it felt great to make things for our home that matched our tastes. With hand-pouring our own candles, we could ensure that cotton braided wicks were used for clean burning candles.

First Edition Candle Company has been a five year project, in mastering the art of candle making, there was a lot to learn and a lot of wick to burn. We launched in the last days of 2015 offering affordable candles to like minded folk.
Know that when you buy from us, you're not buying from people who are running with an idea, we live and breathe the lifestyle that First Edition Candle Company represents.

We bring consistency to our creatures, in as much as every hand poured candle is guaranteed to burn as it should. Because every candle is poured by us, every candle is unique and no two are exactly alike. We hand dye our wax and while we can get a 100% colour match on most candles, there may be a difference on more obscure colours.

First Edition Candle Company creations are packed with character and therefore variations are to be expected. Every candle is made with a pure cotton braided wick meaning no lead based fumes are released into the atmosphere like many mass produced candles.

We know first hand that First Edition Candle Company candles are absolutely breathtaking as decorative candles. They are designed to be burned and we encourage you to get the most out of your candle. We make decorative candles for our home and certainly don't blame you for adding them to your home as purely decorative pieces. 
Born from a love of Stephen King, Literary Horror, Magic and all things dark and mundane, our designs are entirely original concepts. Although we have seen other sellers use similar candle making effects, we have not seen our concepts appear anywhere and would appreciate this remain as such. It's always that much more rewarding when you come up with your own creations.

First Edition Candle Company - To thy ovvn self be trve