Shop Policies

Here in our magic shop of wonders you will find an array of stunning hand poured candles to light you through journeys between the pages... Or just something pretty to look at. Our candles have a range of uses and can be burned, used as decorative candles and can also create a little magic if you're partial. Each candle has it's own wicked personality.

First Edition Candles are an indulgent and affordable treat for yourself and for gifting. We send candles wrapped in butcher paper, and securely packed in straw filled boxes, all our packaging is recyclable and biodegradable - we don't use plastic bubblewrapping.

All candles are hand poured by us and all have been crafted with pure cotton braided wicks. We know where our wicks come from and what they're made of.

Because our creatures are hand poured, no two candles will be identical, while you will get what you are purchasing, tiny variations will occur due to the way wax cools in the moulds and is something we don't want to control. Due to monitor settings and hand dyeing wax, colours may not be exact to the image.

***All candles are created with paraffin wax or paraffin blends, unfortunately First Edition Candle Company Candles are not available as soy or palm alternatives this is due to unethical labour practices and deforestation in both soy and palm industries. ***