labyrinth pillar candle, occult 8x3 size
labyrinth pillar candle, occult 8x3 size
labyrinth pillar candle, occult 8x3 size
labyrinth pillar candle, occult 8x3 size

labyrinth pillar candle, occult 8x3 size

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LARGE 8X3 ONLY For smaller candle sizes please see

"Everything I've done, I've done for you. I move the stars for no one."

Ahhh Labyrinth. If there's one film that can bring people together through common interest it's Labyrinth. If there's one argument that can divide people it's "Labyrinth, or Legend".

We've wanted to offer Labyrinth themed items for a while but living in the same town as Brian Froud, we wanted to pay tribute like nothing you've ever seen in our wonderful unique way putting a dark spin on a much loved family film.

Our in house designed movie quote pendant errs on the occult side, Pendant reads "I move the Stars for no one" with an occult symbol of the sun and Moons union. A tiny star hangs from the cameo

This is an absolutely fantastic candle, if you look closely you'll see small stars embedded in the wax, each one completely unique to you.

Grab them before the thirteenth hour catches your breath. undressed version here:

First Edition Candle Company candles burn in this size for approximately 70-75hrs. We strongly recommend all adornments and botanicals are removed before lighting your candle.

As always, we are happy to take custom orders. Should you wish for a design with a different candle colour scheme or have a unique idea you'd like to see in your home, do get in touch. For examples of our custom orders go to

8x3 Candles are to be burnt until the wax pool reaches the edge of the candle and extinguished to prevent wax spillages. Which is around 4hrs. Candle weighs 770g (1 lb 12oz)

This is an original concept, as all Firsteditioncandleco creations are.

Second class UK post.

First class available at checkout for a small fee.

First Edition Candle Company - to thy ovvn self be trve.

If you would like to mix and match please see our gift set section

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